Facebook pages and groups are both great for small businesses. They both allow posting of links to articles and videos that will help customers learn more about your services.  You can post photos of your services, updates on upcoming events or classes, testimonials and share news about new products or services that complement what you do.

Facebook pages are public and are searchable on Google which can make it easier for potential clients to find you. Pages have more followers than groups because they’re public.

Facebook groups have privacy settings that you can change to fit your needs. Groups can be private, allowing only those you authorize to enter. However, once a group is set to private, it cannot be made public.  A private group would be good for businesses where there is an intimate relationship such as Doulas support groups. It’s important to maintain a sense of privacy that would foster a feeling of openess with your clients. Another example is a hair stylist who specializes in clients with alopecia. Creating a private group for his/her clients to discuss their journey would provide a safe place for open discussion. Both options are good places to answer questions or give advice on topics related to your products and/or services.

Facebook is a great place to find and support potential customers. It’s also a place where you connect with your friends and family. I highly recommend keeping the two seperate. Your business is your brand and you have a personal life.